We trap, remove and control all problem nuisance wildlife species,

whether they walk, crawl or fly — we do them all.

Bats are considered beneficial
animals, in certain situations bats, however, pose a threat to human health. Histoplasmosis is a disease associated with bat guano and bird droppings. When droppings accumulate, a fungus (Histoplasma capsulatum) can grow and produce spores that may cause histoplasmosis when inhaled.

“Southern Minnesota’s Premier Bat Removal Specialists”

We don’t trap bats. We remove and prevent bats from re-entering your structure.
We have the experience to handle any bat concern that you may have. We correct the exterior gaps and cracks to prevent bats from re-entering your home or attic again.

We take bats in attics seriously and you can be confident when you call us for an inspection of your home, and hire us for any wildlife control problem.
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Bud’s Nuisance Wildlife Removal LLC offers many different animal trapping options.

We trap moles, voles, woodchucks, gophers, squirrels, birds, skunks, raccoons, just about any critter. We can customize a trapping program for you today. Our programs vary per your problem. Some animals are a quick trap and removal. Where others require a trapping program, ranging from 10 days to seasonal service.

We can come check out your animal issue and let you know what services we recommend!